Brewing and Storing Coffee

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Kona Ken’s Coffee Brewing and Storage Tips


Here at Kona Ken’s, we want you to get the most out of your coffee experience, so we recommend the following for brewing and storing your coffee.

Prepare your coffee beverage by using the best quality water available. Why? Because your coffee drink is mostly water and unfiltered or poorer quality water will degrade your cup. The water temperature should be in the 195-205 range, in other words Not boiling, nor not tepid. This range will extract the optimum from your ground coffee without under or overdoing it.

How to Store Coffee Beans?
Storage: Kona Ken’s Coffee bags come in premium bags so we highly suggest leaving it in the bag it was delivered in, unless you have a vacuum storage canister. Just keep it sealed with the air squeezed out. Freeze only if you do not plan to use it for greater than two weeks out.

Refrigerate, well that’s your call. The enemies of coffee are excess moisture, heat, and oxidation, so in theory the ‘fridge should be good. However, one could argue the drop in temp causes moisture to condense on the surface of the beans, not a good thing. Kona Ken just stores his coffee in the bag in a cool dry place and makes an effort to use it up quickly. People forget coffee is perishable. It is kind of like freshly baked bread; really good right away, as good as expected for a while longer, no longer very good but edible, than still edible but not very good. My advice: keep a two-weeks supply or less on hand, that way you’ll be in the “full enjoyment period.”

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