Kona Ken’s Coffee Shipping Rates

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What are your shipping rates?

I use USPS Priority Mail for shipping, almost exclusively the fixed rate packages, which comes out to be the least expensive way per pound to ship kona coffee. One pound (or a single two pound size in one bag) or less I can use ultralight packaging which gets us in at the lowest possible rate.

Your charge is the same rate as I pay, no markup for “handling” or charge for the packaging.

As of 1/2017, the rates for domestic priority mail shipping are as follows:

  • Two pound bag¬†Specials are free shipping!
  • Up to and including one pound of coffee $7.20
  • More than one and including two pounds of coffee $9.99
  • More than two pounds of coffee and including three pounds $13.60
  • More than three pounds of coffee and including five pounds $¬†18.85
  • Over five pounds in USA- FREE, I am happy to pay the shipping for you.
  • Canada- $24.95 for one pound, $45.95 for over one pound to four pounds.
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