Don’t be fooled by “Estate Grade Coffee!”

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Estate grade coffee means coffee from a single estate

It does not mean best quality. It can be and is usually a mix of all Kona grades, including the defective beans that can ruin the taste.

Our Extra Fancy grade is the highest grade of Kona coffee, period. It goes through extensive sorting and filtering, including a high-tech machine that examines EVERY bean and rejects any that display signs of a defect. Our Extra Fancy grade coffee is virtually defect-free, a claim that almost no one here on the island can make.

I’m not saying all Estate Grade coffee is bad. Some Estate grade coffees from┬ásingle estates are quite good and unique in flavor. But unless you’ve been to Kona and sampled the various estate coffees, why take the risk of purchasing a bad coffee. Be safe, go with the established USDA official grades.

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